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You can have the best looking website in your market sector, but if potential customers can’t find it when they need your services the benefits will be limited. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) help.

Search Engine Optimisation

Boosting the performance of your website in the organic search results of the main search engines. Long term this is the better form of internet marketing as it tends to cost much less than paid advertisements.

SEO is considered during the build of every website from the earliest stages. Typically this manifests as the following:

SEO During Website Construction

  • What we call ‘structural SEO’, that is designing page layouts to have keyword rich content areas that are useful to search engines and humans alike.
  • Sections of the website built specifically for the regular creation of sharable content to boost website traffic, inbound links and organisation profile.
  • Search engine optimisation of the website’s code including meta tags and the HTML structure.
  • Website performance enhancement to increase the loading speed of websites, which is one of the factors used to rank websites in search results.

Ongoing SEO management providing

  • SEO performance measurement against competitors.
  • Key competitor SEO analysis.
  • Suggested changes to the website to better optimise for selected terms.
  • Suggested keywords to be targeted in additional website content.

Search Engine Marketing

We provide Google Adwords account management services and can help run Facebook advertising campaigns.

For many global keywords it can take a significant amount of effort before organisations appear on the first page of search results. For some very popular terms that are targeted by large companies appearing on the first page via organic SEO is an unrealistic prospect.

The alternative therefore, is paid placement, whereby a fee is paid to display an advertisement that links to your website. This can take many different formats which include Google Adwords and Facebook.

Depending on the Return on Investment for a given keyword, this can be used for a variety of different reasons:

  • A short term strategy until the organic search optimisation strategies mature.
  • A long term solution where the level of competition makes organic SEO an unrealistic prospect.
  • Brand profile building.
  • Testing the value of keywords before putting significant effort into organic search engine optimisation.

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